PortAventura estrena Angkor, an aquatic attraction 300 meters inspired by Asia

by / Thursday, 23 January 2014 / Published inCosta Dorada

PortAventura will premiere in April “Angkor, Adventure in the lost kingdom”, an aquatic attraction 300 meters long and a total area of 10.500 m-almost like a subject area- which will be located in the Chinese park.

PortAventura, faithful to su strategy of presentar novedades every season, premiering a new attraction next 11 April, starting day of the season theme park located on the Costa Dorada.

The project consists of a new water attraction type “boat ride” of 300 meters, one of the longest journeys of such attractions in Europe and take ten minutes to complete.

As its name, inspired by the Cambodian temple of Angkor Wat, considered the world's largest religious structure and be located right next to the Shambala, Europe's largest mountain.

Visitors embark on rafts equipped with water guns that will enable them to face the many dangers of the forest and, along the route, will discover different areas and interactive challenges.

So, will face mysterious villages, Water snakes arising, tigers hidden in the caves, monkeys that inhabit the temples or magnificent stone elephants.

Armed with water guns, adventurers shoot at targets that will be finding, and can also shoot the other boats or even to viewers outside of Attraction.

And to enjoy Port Aventura will recommend staying at Hotel Kursaal, located in Calafell 30 Amusement minutes, It is a family hotel offering 40 rooms with terrace overlooking the beach of Calafell in the quietest and one of the most delightful promenades on the Costa Dorada.

For information and reservations:

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